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There is some important information in the online casino world that players should definitely pay attention to.

There are some general and well-intentioned tips, but also some basic rules that you as a player should set yourself, or even have to set.


It doesn't matter whether you're a newcomer or an experienced player.

If you stick to these rules, gambling can contribute to a high level of entertainment. It is important that playing does not become addictive!

Slot machines and casino games 

Before you play, familiarize yourself with the rules of the games. Nothing is worse than losing because you didn't really know the game.

Online casinos often offer various demo games where you can get to know the rules in peace. After that you can play well prepared with real money.

Find out which games have the best chances of winning. Again, there are some differences.

Choose simple games where not so high but frequent winnings are paid.

Budget – in the right one relationship use

One of the most important rules is to control the budget. Set a monthly amount that fits your income and that you can do without without giving up the important things in life.

Be sure to stick to it! Also pay attention to how much time you use in casinos.

It should still be in a healthy proportion to their other free time activities. The same applies here: less is often more.

Play with fun and enjoy the entertainment value.

Fix wins - don't chase losses

Just like with the budget, if you win, you should set an upper limit.

Don't make the mistake of chasing old losses.

The longer you play, the higher the risk of losing again.

In general, you can say that you can risk more with a win in terms of the amount of the stakes.

Because you are already playing with the money you have won.

Casinos – Several to choose from

There are a variety of good casinos, which puts you in the comfortable position of spreading your bets.

If things are going badly in one casino, don't hesitate and visit the next casino.

In addition, you always have a bonus with many providers that you can claim.

From this point of view alone, it makes sense to spread your budget over many providers.

Security – Reputable, Encryption, License

Please take the time to check the casino's integrity before making a deposit.

Pay close attention to the security credentials, such as regulator, software vendor, data encryption, and who oversees the random number generator.

The reputable casinos in the industry have no problem with these things being controlled by external companies.

Verification - log in with real data

Before you can make a withdrawal in the online casino, it is necessary to verify the player account in most casinos.

Some online casinos have a direct upload area to submit the necessary documents. But you can also ask directly in the chat / support.

Because you should have confirmed your account before the first payout, so that nothing stands in the way of a quick payment. 


PlaytimeNetwork gambling addictionInformation on gambling addiction prevention

Anyone who plays regularly must have a certain self-control. Gambling addiction is often not immediately realizable and requires a certain ability to assess oneself well.

What started out as a playful pleasure quickly develops into a regular habit and then into a pronounced gambling addiction.

The consequences are great financial losses, resulting in personal problems within the family and complete isolation from friends and acquaintances.

Remember, gambling is for entertainment and is never a realistic supplement to income!

If you internalize the information and principles, gambling can be controlled in a pleasant way.

stages of development

The first successes: Those who play in a casino for the first time often have luck on their side.

Be it because of the carelessness, because you just want to try it, or because you maybe start playing without any expectations.

And that's exactly when you succeed in winning in the casino! And yes, that was so easy and you get the feeling that you want to try again soon.

You play more regularly: Now you play regularly. The first losses quickly come with the first successes.

The fun of the beginning was quickly coupled with the harsh reality of grievous loss.

But everything is still fine as long as you have a set budget and control over your gaming decisions.

Chasing old losses: From now on you are at risk of gambling addiction. It seems increasingly difficult to realize profits.

You are already at a stage where you no longer play for entertainment.

You are already under the illusion that you want to win back the losses you have already suffered.

But you don't realize it, you raise your stakes and you're already playing well over your budget.

loss of self control: It happened. You are now dependent on playing. To finance this, you exhaust all possibilities:

You borrow money from relatives, acquaintances and friends, you finance it through bank loans, you exhaust your credit card limits and sell everything that belongs to you and is valuable.

This ranges from your own car to real estate. You are in a vicious circle of no return. At least not while you're still playing.

Preventive action

It doesn't have to go as far as described above as long as you stick to the following preventive rules. This allows you to control yourself and your gaming habits.

Casino visits: It's hard to say what a healthy number of casino visits a month is. Anyone who likes to play for entertainment can also do this every day.

Set yourself a time limit and stick to it. This time should be your free time, not your work hours or time you normally spend with family.

Budget: Set a budget that fits your income and your responsibilities to your family. Never finances funds for gambling through banks etc.

Always stick to your budget. If it gambles, stop playing. Chasing losses rarely ends well.

lifestyle habits: Do not change your lifestyle. You still have just as much time for your family, friends. And don't neglect other hobbies you still have.

Your life doesn't just revolve around casinos. Casinos are only for entertainment and only occasionally provide a change in your everyday life.

Health: Only play if you are in good health and not under the influence of intoxicants such as alcohol. Avoid playing when you are depressed, caused by personal or professional problems.

help points

Should you already have problems caused by gambling addictive behavior, you can confidently turn to one of the contacts below.

If so, please make use of it. The first step to insight is also the first step to withdraw from a very dangerous passion, which can destroy not only your life, but also the life of your loved ones.

gambling therapy  /  support group  /  gamecare  /  Anonymous Players

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