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Subject: Magicwin.bet, Ares Casino and partner casinos scams, thieves and threats

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    Magicwin.bet, Ares Casino and partner casinos scams, thieves and threats

    We issued a warning about the group of 77 Jackpot and Ares Casino a long time ago, but today we would like to add something to scammers and a management that even threatens players and affiliates!

    You can find our official warning below https://forum.playtime-forum.info/th...ine-Empfehlung

    However, it is now taking the group to the extreme, leading us to suspect that the operators are at the end of their rope and only want to scam players and affiliates. That payouts have been delayed for a long time and ultimately Ares Casino, 77 Jackpot Casino, Ocean Breeze Casino and 4 Crowns Casino simply let entire payouts go to waste, can be read on many pages. We too have received the Ares Casino experiences from many players.

    Now it is the case that partners are now also being threatened by the manager and owner alias Jimi Ares Casino, which of course is only a fake name.

    Employees and players are currently being threatened by the casinos or by the manager Jimi not to leave any negative comments publicly. This is of course an absolute no-go and one could also think about filing private lawsuits. However, it is very important to us to protect you from such Online Casinos to warn, who ruin the whole gambling.

    Threats and warning of the following group:

    • Ares Casino Fake and Scam - GLOBAL GAMES TECH LTD GROUP, no valid license, games stolen, all fake, don't pay out
    • 77 Jackpot Casino Threatens Players - Norwagin of Commerce Park 254, No real license, all games are not real, don't pay out
    • Ocean Breeze Casino - Hollandia 24 perst H12, same fake platform, no payments, online Casino only fake games
    • Four Crowns Casino - 4Crownscasino of Barge straat 1, Same operator just different owner, no real games

    All of the listed Online Casinos are one and the same responsible, just under different company name and location. The licenses are all fake, none of them are real.


    Ares casino fake
    77 jackpot casino fake
    4 Crowns Casino Fake
    Ocean breeze casino fake

    are casinos with fraudulent intentions!


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    Magicwin.bet, Ares Casino and partner casinos scams, thieves and threats

    It's bad enough that it's pretty hard to win anything at all these days, I ask myself why the managers in the Arescasino cheat, do they need it so much or are they just greedy for money!

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    Magicwin.bet, Ares Casino and partner casinos scams, thieves and threats

    It is important to note that the group has launched a new casino that also operates under the same management and probably has the same fraudulent intentions!

    The name is Magicwin and it runs under the domain magicwin.bet, so beware of these scammers


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